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Bankroll Management at Poker Software Online

We've never been as conservative about money management as most successful people are. I don't think your bankroll is the only factor you should consider in deciding whether or not to play in a high limit game Online Poker Software. If the poker game cries out to be played, in if it's a good poker game, you feel good, and if you aren't tired, you should try that even if it is higher than you normally would play. And you should stay in it until the poker game becomes bad or you grow tired. Of course, you make that decision within reason. Any time you extend your bankroll so far that if you lost, it would really distress you, you probably will lose. It's tough to play your best under that much pressure.

I prefer using judgement on individual poker games rather than hard rules, but if you want such a rule, I would suggest you not play $10 limit until you have at least a $1000 bankroll (not the buy in). In No Limit, you'll usually want a bigger bankroll for a poker game of the same general size. In a No Limit poker game with two Blinds of $5 and $10, I'd say you need at least $2,500 Online Poker Software - Tournament. To play No Limit $5, $10, $25 and $50 (Four Blinds), you'd need about $10,000. It's been a long time since I was broke, but the way I always got broke was by playing with desperation money. I let ourself get into too much of a hurry, and played in poker games I didn't have the bankroll for. If you have a limited bankroll, be very certain to get the maximum amount of gamble you can for your money. That's an important factor to consider in picking your poker games. Here is a - If you have only a Small amount of money to invest in a poker game, and if you have a wide choice of poker games (like you do in Las Vegas), you may be better off playing a small No Limit poker game than a high Limit poker game. If you have $10,000 you can afford to lose in one poker game, you might be better off risking it in a No Limit game, simply because if you do get lucky, you can win real big and your bankroll might get healthy fast. When I buy into a No Limit poker game, I want to have as many checks in front of me as anybody else at the table, or more. I'm not afraid, and you shouldn't be afraid, of getting drawn out on a hand and going through the whole stack. All your efforts in poker software online are directed toward getting in a position to bet the maximum amount you can on the hands that are worth it. When those opportunities do occur, you don't want to be limited in the amount of action you can accept.

Always play for Chips, rather than cash.

Chips are easier to win. A $5 chip is the same size as a $500 chip it's just not the same color. If you bet a man $20,000 in $500 chips, that's only forty chips, two stacks. But if you bet him $20,000 in $100 bills, it would be a big pile of money, and would tend to freeze him up. The way to get a person to convert to chips is to point out to him that it takes too long to count out the bills. It's the truth, and a legitimate reason to change to chips, though not really the reason you're doing it.

It's also to your own advantage to think of chips as units, and not as money. You may consider your money status before the poker game and after the poker game, but while the poker game is in progress it is only a poker game, and the chips are just units. You're trying to win as many units as you can. This concept is not really unique to poker software online, when you think about it. All good businessmen realize that they have to have different standards of what constitutes extravagance in business, and what constitutes extravagance in their lives outside of business. And the standard they set for business is often more liberal. They realize that the house, or the car they buy for their private use has to be paid for out of profits, rather than out of operating capital Online Poker Software - Neteller. So when they need a new piece of equipment to make a few more dollars of profit, or just to maintain their competitive edge, poker software online don't say to themselves: "I could buy a new house with this money what am I doing risking it in a poker poker software online game?" They realize that it's operating capital, and not profit, and therefore not really available to buy that new house or car, anyway. All I'm telling you to do is apply the same sound principles to the business of playing poker software online and that reminds me of a story- but that's for another time. The factor that really determines what kind of poker game it's going to be is not the limit itself, but the size of the ante in relation to the limit. If you're playing $10 limit and anteing a dollar, you'll have to play more liberally than if the ante is only a quarter. This is very important information because it's something you can ascertain before you ever sit down and risk any of your money. That information, and all the other pre game data you can collect (such as the kind of players your poker opponents are) should be weighed against the following consideration: How much do you stand to win in this poker game? Suppose the ante is so high, and the players are such that you'll have to involve $8,000 or $9,000 of your own money to win, but the players have only about $30,000 among them on the table, and you know that they probably won't bring any more money into the poker game if they lose that. It's pretty hard to get more than about half the money in a game, so $15,000 would be a big win.

To go into that poker game you'd be risking $8,000 or $9,000 to win a maximum of $15,000, even if you got the best hands of your life and played them jam up. That's probably too much risk for that much money, since there's usually a better poker game down the street.

I can remember losing $98,000 in a game that didn't warrant losing $10,000. I could have only won $30,000 or $40,000 ... and to do that, I'd have had to break everybody there. So this advice amounts to telling you to do as I say, and not as I do. I believe a person should try to learn from watching another man's mistakes. It's so much cheaper than learning from his own. You have to set a stricter limit on your losses if you're playing Limit poker software online than if you're playing No Limit, because it's harder to win money back in a poker game where the size of the pot's limited. In a Limit poker game, if you find yourself losing consistently over a significant period of time and you feel that the Poker Software Online cards have been breaking close to even the poker game may be too tough for you. Walk away from it, and don't come back until something has changed to make you more of a favorite - like the absence of a few very good players who were there before, or the feeling that you have improved your own play.