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The Traveling Cards

In Effect: A card is selected and replaced in the deck, which is then thoroughly shuffled. Performer now causes the cards to fly up his sleeve, one, two, or several at a time, producing them from the shoulder. The selected card is called upon to leave the deck at the company’s desire, and the operation is continued until the last several Online Poker Software cards, which are noted, disappear from the hand and are slowly produced from the shoulder.

Sleights: Masterly feats of Palming and Unflinching Audacity.

Execution and Patter: “Ladies and gentlemen: I am constantly importuned by some of the most curious and least discerning of my auditors to explain the manner by which the results in certain tricks are achieved. While I consider it unprofessional to make these disclosures, I accede somewhat to the prevalent demand, and to-night I am going to take you especially into my confidence and expose one of the most important secrets in the whole realm of conjuring. Although many professors of the art vehemently deny the imputation, it is nevertheless a fact that the coat sleeve of the magician is to him much the same as a Saratoga trunk to a summer girl. Where does he get his bouquets of roses, baskets of eggs, dishes of swimming fishes? ‘Up his sleeve.’ How do his rabbits, bird cages and cannon balls disappear? ‘Up his sleeve.’ The saying is as true as it is ancient, and I shall prove my assertions by demonstrating the process; and though you may doubt my veracity, you certainly cannot question your own eyes.
“AS a preliminary, I wish some one to kindly oblige by selecting a card from the deck. Any one you wish. Now please remember the name and place it again in the deck.” (Card is inserted, shifted and palmed.) “Will you shuffle for me?” (Deck is shuffled and returned. Place palmed card on top and palm off eight or ten more with it in right hand, hold deck in left.) “Now to illustrate the point in question, ladies and gentlemen, lam going to cause these poker software online cards to fly up my sleeve and out through the armhole here.” (Indicate place by thrusting the right hand into the shoulder of coat, and leave palmed cards there.) “Now, attention, please, and you may see them fly, or if you do not see them, you may hear them. First card, go!” (Click corner of deck with left little finger, carelessly show right hand empty, passing it rather quickly under coat to shoulder and produce bottom card. Show it and throw on table.) “Well, you see the first card obeyed me. Second card, pass!” (Produce another from bottom.) “Third card!” (Produce; each time clicking deck with finger as cards are ordered to pass, and showing cards as produced).

Three Cards Game

The sixth? Very well. As three cards have already passed, the selected card shall be the third one. Pass!” (Produce.) “Pass!” (Produce.) “Oh, what is the name of the card you selected? Jack of Hearts! Well, Jack of Hearts, it is your turn, sir. You will please oblige the company by flying up my sleeve.” (Produce top card, showing it to be the one called upon.) “To show the ease with which the cards travel I shall order several to pass together.” (Palm eight or ten in left hand from bottom.) “I have only to speak a little louder. Pass!” (Take deck in right hand and thrust left into right shoulder, withdrawing two or three of the palmed bluff cards, leaving balance there.) “You see, I have three cards this time, and they travel equally well through either sleeve. Go! Four cards passed. Go! Three cards. It may be thought that I have duplicate cards concealed in my coat above, but that is easily disproved. You see there are no cards there. (Throw open fully right side of coat, from which all cards have been taken, and left side partially.)