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Terms Used at Poker Software Online

Come to the table with enough time to stay and play awhile. While sitting down and trying to destroy a game by firing from the start is our favorite strategy, it doesn't always work in Online Poker Software. There are poker games that demand staying power. Limit poker games take lots of patience because the best are usually shown down that means it's harder to bluff successfully. So you have to wait for the best hand, and you have to recognize the best hand when you get it. Or suppose you sit down at a poker game that includes two drunks who are calling every bet. It will be impossible to simply take charge of that poker game, so you'll have to wait until you get hands that will beat them.


Whenever you're in a poker have to stay alert the whole time concentrate during the entire session. And it can be a very long time indeed Online Poker Software - Glossary. The ability to stay alert for long sessions can be a major factor contributing to your earning power, and it has been a key to our own success. Once, when I was in our middle twenties, I played poker five days and five nights without any breaks except to go to the bathroom or to eat meals which were brought in. I never left the table for more than five minutes. I wouldn't do it again, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else do it, and believe me - that is a good. I never again had the stamina I did before that session. But it demonstrates how long it's humanly possible to stay awake and alert when you have the resolve and the courage. Today, at the age of 44, I suspect I could and would play three days in a poker game where I could make a great deal of money. But I don't like to play that long now, not only because it's gruelling and not particularly healthy, but because it's bad policy to play anything but the best you can. (And that's simply not possible much beyond the first day.) I can play at our best for about 36 hours now, but after that the drop off becomes noticeable to me, if not to our poker opponents. The reason I have more staying power than other players is just discipline.


I don't drink much, and neither do most good poker software online players. And, I NEVER drink when I play. No top player drinks while playing. Nor do we let our minds dwell on personal problems when we're playing. You should make a conscious and constant effort to discover any leaks in your play and...then eliminate them. If you discover you're playing too many pots...tighten up. Other times you may need to play more pots. One form of discipline is to learn to play all Online poker software poker games, profitably...even those you don't like. Keep yourself alert and conditioned by playing some of the poker games you're not best at.'ll enable you to give the other guy a little action at his poker game if he wants it Online Poker Software - Psychology. Try to keep a mental record of the kinds of poker games in which you do well, as opposed to those in which you don't. (I know, for example, that Limit Ace to Five is our worst game, because We've won the least online gambling payouts at it.) Constant self discipline will pay off in those long. drawn out sessions because any bad habits you have will become exaggerated as you grow tired. The fewer bad habits you have, the less risky it is to play longer sessions. Discipline will also help your general confidence after three or four losing sessions. If I lose a few times, I will re examine our poker game and ask, "Am I playing bad?" Sometimes We'll ask somebody else's opinion as well. If the answer is "No, you're not playing badly, you have no , you're just playing unlucky", I can believe the answer because I know We've done everything I could to keep our poker game at its best. So our confidence is unshaken. I can continue to play the way I know I should. Maintaining confidence is your strongest defense against "going bad". When you start to go bad, or just start to think you're going bad, you become hesitant. And that oft quoted rule that your first instinct is the right one is more true in Poker Software Online than in any other poker game. When you act hesitantly, you often go against your first (and best) judgement.

Never play when you're upset

It's not our disposition to get upset very easily, but I have saved a great deal of money over the years by quitting whenever I have lost enough money to bother me, And that is an even more important principle in Limit poker software online than in No Limit...because it takes you so much longer to grind it out at Limit. About once every three or four months something will happen (like a fight at home, or an argument with a friend) that will get me upset. On those days I go see a movie or play golf. We'll pass a poker game up on those days, regardless of how good it is, because I know We'll probably lose if I play.