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In the absence of poker games like that, about the only way for a man to establish a reputation quickly is to enter and win (or perform well in) a Online Poker Software tournament. But, that's not the only motivation for entering a tournament. By the time I won the World Poker Championship, the title of champion didn't mean much to me. There are only a very few people who are good enough players themselves that I value their opinion that I'm a good one. Since all of these men are also Professionals, they know who is the best player without having to hold a tournament to decide it. Believe me, the main motivation was the $220,000 it paid me in 1976, the first year I won, and the $340,000 in 1977 the second year. (I also won $90,000 in the World Poker Championship in 1976 and in 1977 I won $55,000 in the High Low Split World Poker Championship.) But, you don't have to win the tournament to profit by it ... even a winner take all tournament. The tournament itself will generate other poker games which can make the buy in price of the tournament even the $10,000 buy in Texas Hold'em Poker Championship a bargain for a good player.

After people start getting eliminated from the Texas Hold'em Championship, there's a solid week of the best action to be found anywhere. Everybody is still in a mood to gamble, and most of them have the money to do it. Not only do you get a chance at that money by being at the tournament, but you get to know these people, and because they're from all over the country, you develop contacts that can get you a poker game almost anywhere. The contacts and side poker games at the World Series of poker software online* are so valuable that a lot of players who could afford to enter don't bother to. They show up for the side poker games and contacts alone Online Poker Software - Tips. I think that's often a mistake. Playing in the tournament itself helps you establish a reputation as an action man who's willing to risk a significant amount of money in a poker game, even if he doesn't have any substantial advantage. And action is the most important aspect of the reputation a poker software online player has to maintain. Furthermore, the people who actually play in the tournaments are the ones who get the chances at the best action surrounding the tournaments. If you force another player out of a pot in a tournament, and break him because you're both playing on artificially limited bankrolls, he may get a little sore about it and invite you to try him in a regular poker game. There's nothing like playing somebody who is mad at you to increase your earnings for the year. This brings up one of the most significant points about tournaments -- the strategy of tournament play differs from the strategy of ordinary play. It took me longer than it should have to learn this. I played in the Texas Hold'em Tournament for seven years before I won it. Of course, I wanted to win the money, but another way I'd justify entering the tournament year after year and it was a legitimate justification rather than a rationalization was on our general principle of investing money just to promote gambling, and to keep a reputation for being an action man. Since I felt the need to be there anyway, I kept pondering how to win. And I noticed that Johnny Moss always seemed to do very well in the tournaments. We've always been an apostle of John's at No Limit. I used to observe and watch him in each poker software online game I went to, and it seemed he was always there. Slim, Sailor and I used to joke about how crazy we were, wearing our automobiles out chasing John all across Texas. The truth was, John was usually the big winner in the poker games, his skills were the best I've ever seen.... with ourself a close second. As the years passed, the margin between us got closer and closer because I was watching and picking up his favorite plays as any young apprentice might watch and learn from the master in his field. Much of our No Limit strategy comes from those times. I have much more respect for Johnny than a lot of younger players do. In his prime, he was the best No Limit player We've ever seen, and a lot of people don't believe that because they're too young to have seen Johnny play at his best. They fail to take into account the fact that he's some 70 years old now, and that is 20 years past the point at which most men's play begins to deteriorate. just because the years have affected your circulation and the speed at which you think, and may have softened your ability to play, does not mean you know any less about how to play. And Johnny's success in those tournaments indicated he knew a great deal about how to play. (He's the only man besides ourself who has won the World Series more than once.)

So I studied Johnny's strategy and saw that he didn't try to win early in the tournament. He just tried to exist, and to keep from losing his money. Now, as you may remember from the earlier part of this section, this is exactly the opposite of our normal strategy in ordinary poker games. And I had been trying to win the tournament the same way I have always won at ordinary poker games. That was wrong for tournaments. I had been jeopardizing our chips on even money situations, which can be a very good strategy in the early stage of an ordinary Online Poker Software game, but is not good in a tournament, where you can't pull another few thousand out of your pocket and buy more chips. In our new strategy, I tried to avoid playing big pots until the field had been narrowed substantially. Then later, after the field had been cut to a few players, I played more aggressively, and tried to get players to jeopardize all their checks at every opportunity. Using this strategy designed specifically for tournaments, We've won the World Poker Championship the last two years in a row. It should go without saying that you should mentally train for a poker software online tournament, but there, I said it anyway because it's so important. You wouldn't go into a Basketball or Golf tournament without working on your poker game first and you should give the same consideration to a poker software Online Poker Software - Tournament. You sit down alone, you concentrate, and when the first tournament hand is dealt ... you're playing for keeps. One of the things I like about the World Series of poker software online is that it brings out the finest in a lot of players. There's a friend of mine who doesn't play any good Texas Hold'em the rest of the year, but always plays pretty well in the World Series. It's been an expensive to him each year, but I keep hoping that the tournament will make him realize he could be playing tough the whole year round. Tournaments are not always won by the best player. You have to be good to win, but you can be the very best and not win in a tournament. Every year at the World Series we have half a dozen or so who always make it to the last couple of tables, but have never won and never will win. Some are very solid players in ordinary situations, but just not quite good enough to win in a poker game against four or five of the best. And some are as solid as they come, but just don't have the killer instinct they fade at the finish. When you're in a tournament, and it becomes obvious to you that you're probably going to lose, I think it's best to die with a bang, rather than a whimper. Go out playing with courage, instead of playing tight and meekly. For one thing, it gives you the better of those two famous chances - slim and none to stay alive long enough to win. If you play conservatively on a low bankroll, the antes, which increase as the tournament goes on, will eat you up.

If you do get eliminated early, you can get into those very rich side poker games I mentioned earlier.