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Should You Play No Limit, Limit, or Pot Limit Poker?

When players decide to play online poker, many players jump into different games to find out what they like to play. This is where the decisions of whether players should play no limit games, limit games, or pot limit games. Many games are offered in all three different formats, so you'll find that making the decision can be a bit tricky. The most popular games out there are Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and draw games like Seven Card Stud. Each of these games are played in different formats, but we'll cover which games are the most common types played under the different styles, and also help you decide which type of game is best for your style.

No Limit Poker

The most common type of No Limit Poker is the always popular No Limit Texas Hold'em. This is the style of play that the World Series of Poker uses, and is a very common type of poker tournament style as well. No limit poker means that players can push all their chips into the middle at any point, which makes bluffing and three-betting much easier and more common than the other two types of play, pot limit and limit. No Limit takes the reigns as the most popular type of poker today, and many people choose this type of play because they are loose or aggressive poker players.

Pot Limit Poker

Pot limit is mainly played by Omaha players, and is specifically a very popular form of cash game poker. You'll find that some of the biggest and most well-known professional poker players in the game play Pot Limit Omaha as their game of choice when they play at a Canadian online poker site, or in a live casino. Many players who choose to play PLO typically look to play big pots with very draw-ey boards. Some players will buy-in with a short stack and simply wait for big hands in order to get it all in, while others play deep stack in order to see more flops and play a large number of hands.

Limit Poker

As far as limit poker goes, you'll find that the most common type of games that are played in this fashion are games like Seven Card Stud and Razz. These are draw games, and basically give players the chance to be able to play a large number of hands for cheap, and also makes it so that there isn't a lot of bluffing, and many players will chase draws like flushes and straights much more often. Some professional poker players will simply play limit games, and can make a ton of money doing so!

As far as big time poker series' like the World Series of Poker, you'll find that all of these types of games are played. While pot limit and limit games are most commonly played at the cash games tables, there are some pretty big time events at the WSOP that feature these playing styles.

Judging How Good a Poker Player At Your Table Is

You know the feeling when you are sitting at a poker table and are looking at the different players wondering how good one player is against another? It can be tough to do, and most of the time it will take quite a few hands to get a feel for the players, and also how they play. So, today we are going to take a look at a few different things to keep your eye out for to base how a player really plays. These tips can relate to both poker tournaments and cash game poker play as well.

How a Player Talks

You don't even have to be a part of the table talk that is going on. All you have to do is listen to what's going on around you, and take in the information that's given to you. A lot of players will talk about hands going on at the table, or just talk poker in general, and you can tell a lot about a players skill in poker by what they say about hands, or different situations. What this means is that if a player is talking about how another player played a hand and has a good input on it, you can bet that the player at least has somewhat of an idea on how to play poker! On the other side of things, if the player is talking a bit crazy and giving input that doesn't exactly relate, then it could be a player who is fairly new to the game.

How Crazy a Player Is

This one sounds obvious, but if a player likes to play a large number of hands and see a large number of flops, you'll find that this player is simply looking to get involved in action. Basically, if you can raise it up pre-flop and force them to commit to pots, you can take in some nice pots when all is said and done thanks to the very loose players. Be careful about this though, because you have to remember that even the players who play a large number of hands end up hitting at times! This will relate to both live poker and online poker as well.

Betting Styles

One thing that many top poker players know how to do, is place a strong bet. Whether it is a pre-flop bet, a three-bet, or any bet throughout the hand, you'll find that players who make strong bets and put pressure on opponents are typically players who know what they are doing. So even when you aren't a part of the hand, you should pay attention to how the other players at the table are betting, and what type of habits they have. Also, always be aware of how often they bluff and what types of hands you see them typically play. If opponents are tight and only play prime hands, be careful if you are matched up in a pot against them at any point during your sitting or in the future!